Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in being an extension of your team.  We strive to make your event the best it can be by actively working with you during your event planning phase and at the execution phase.  We provide event management and planning services, as well as state of the art timing equipment.  Visit our Testimonial Page to read what race directors and athletes have said about our abilities.



Timing Services

We are proud to offer LIVE streaming results and splits via our website.  Race Directors and participants no longer have to wait for paper results to be posted but can watch results unfold via a cell phone or at a Results Kiosks set up at every race.  We can even set up custom finisher's certificates that participants can print or share on social media. 

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Timing Equipment

OYL uses a combination of passive and active equipment utilizing Trident and Ipico chips and Finish Lynx cameras (the same equipment used at the Olympics!) 

Chips are worn by athletes on either a shoe, ankle, bib number or bike frame.  Each time the athlete passes over an antenna, a time is recorded. This allows for live tracking of split times/lap times/lap speed and overall results.  We are one of the few timers that can provide disposable active bib tags ~~ no need to worry about collecting costly active tags from athletes after a race. 

 In addition, we use the same Fully Automatic Timing ("FAT") System used by the Tour De France - FinishLynx - for races requiring photo-finish results down to the wire!

finish lynx vision  UAOracleRace TridentReader  Identilynx Camera


Types of Events

Our full-service timing system works with triathlons, duathlons, swimming events, running events and cycling events. 

Photos contributed by GOATographer

  VailScramble    OVTriSwim copy   OVTriTransition copy 2    

OVTriBike2 copy  OVTriRun copy  OVTriRun3 copy

UARR    T5K copy

Photos contributed by OYL

  AZOpenWaterSwim  SwimArch  RattlerRace 

Photo courtesy of Sandy Mitchell

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Registration Services and Post-Race Results

OYL works with any registration platform.  We want to help you make your event run as smoothly as possible.  We are able to assist with day-of-event registration.   

OYL's results software allows us to provide live streaming results, scrolling race result monitors, results kiosks and printed results within minutes of participants crossing the finish line. We can produce reports during the event and immediately after the completion of the event, so Race Director's can conduct awards ceremonies in a timely manner.  

At the completion of the event, OYL will post results on its RESULTS tab, where they can be copied and shared on the event's website and/or via social media.  

Additional Event Equipment (additional fees apply)

In addition to OYL's RFID and FAT systems, we can provide the following equipment:

Split Clocks

Mile Markers (A-frames)

Directional Signs (A-frames)

Bike/Transition Racks

Race-day Registration Laptops

Results Kiosks

Scrolling Results Monitors

Video Finish Results


Start Clock/Countdown Clock

countdown clock


Mile Markers



Start and/or Finish Line Blowups

FinishLineArch  FinishChute  


Transition/Bike Racks

 Transition Area

Swim In/Out ~ Run In/Out ~ Bike In/Out

Feather Flags

RunOutFlag    TriBikeOut

Please return all chips to:

On Your Left Fitness
11900 N. La Canada #69491
Oro Valley, AZ 85737
$30 fee for non-returned multipsport and active chps; $4 fee for non-returned passive chips